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(Tel) 031-201-5260 / 02-458-7682

(Homepage) http://fsb.khu.ac.kr
  1. January, 2002. : University of Illinois at Chicago, Ph.D. Biochemistry,
  2. February, 1992. : 서울대학교 M.S. Chemistry,
  3. February, 1990. : 서울대학교, B.S. Chemistry,
  1. Sep 2013~ : Kyung Hee University Department of Applied Chemistry Professor
  2. Mar 2013~ : 건국대학교 분자생명공학과
  3. Aug 2013 : Professor
  4. Mar 2004~ : 건국대학교 분자생명공학과
  5. Feb 2013 : Assistant/Associate Professor
  6. Jan 2002~ : Harvard Medical School Dept of Cell Biology,
  7. Feb 2004 : Post-doctoral fellow
          Research Advisor : Steven P. Gygi
  8. Jan 1998~ : University of Illinois at Chicago, Dept of Chemistry
  9. Jan 2002 : Research assistant
          Research advisors : Wonhwa Cho, Alan Leff
          - Structure-function studies of secretory phospholipase A2(sPLA2) :
           The study of pro-inflammatory role of sPLA2
          - Characterization of membrane-protein interactions : the mechanisms of sPLA2
           interaction with synthetic and cell membranes to induce eicosanoid formation
최근 연구업적

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