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작성일 : 12-12-05 14:43
12/6(목) 화학과 세미나 안내
 글쓴이 : 응용화학과
조회 : 1,013  
* 일시 : 2012년 12월 6일 목요일 오후 4시 30분
* 장소 : 공학관 107호
* 연사 : 김현성 교수 [서강대학교]
* 주제 : A Novel Class of Nonlinear Optical Materials Based on Host-Guest Composites: Zeolites as Inorganic Crystalline Hosts
* 초록 :
The demand for nonlinear optical (NLO) materials with exceptional NLO properties is very large, and hence the search for such materials should be continued not only to enhance their functions in current applications but also to help expedite the materialization of photonics in which photons instead of electrons are used for signal processing, transmission, and storage. We introduced the preparation, characteristics, and the future perspectives of novel second order nonlinear optical (2NLO) materials prepared by orientation-controlled incorporation of 2NLO molecules into zeolite channels and third order nonlinear optical (3NLO) materials prepared by compartmentalization of very small (<1.3 nm) PbS QDs within zeolite nanopores under different environments, and the novel chemistry newly unveiled during the preparation of novel zeolite based NLO materials.
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