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* 일시 : 20125월 9일 수요일 오후 3시
* 장소 : 공학관 107
* 연사 : Andrew D. Fortney, Ph.D.
* 주제 : 지적재산권의 개념과 성공을 위한 특허전략
(Concepts in Intellectual Property: Patent Strategies for Success)
* 초록 :
Concepts in Intellectual Property: Patent Strategies for Success
Andrew D. Fortney, Ph.D.
The Law Offices of Andrew D. Fortney, Ph.D., P.C.
Of the various types of intellectual property, patents are often the most useful tools to help businesses and research institutions accomplish their goals. National governments use patents to advance human knowledge and encourage widespread use of technology. Patents are used by industry and academia to create barriers against use of certain technology (for example, by a business competitor), to create business freedom and business opportunities for patent owners, and to create income for patent owners and licensees. The stronger the patent, the greater the likelihood of the patent owner accomplishing his or her goals. The claims of a patent define its boundaries, and there are several easy and effective ways for inventors (and others working on the inventor’s behalf) to strengthen a patent’s claims.
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